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COVID-19 Update - March 16th

By Anna Miller, Board President, 03/16/20, 1:15PM CDT


Update on the season, raffle tickets, refunds, and more, as it relates to the current public health crisis.

Hello players and parents-

The Board of Directors would like to provide you with an update as to our tentative plan for the remainder of the season. Please keep in mind that the current situation is unprecedented, and thus we are carefully weighing all aspects in order to make the decisions that we feel are in best interests of our athletes and our club.

We also ask that you understand that it is still early in this situation, and we do not have answers for everything at this time. Currently, there is a ban on all USA Volleyball sanctioned activities through March 31st, but this may be extended further. Additionally, Fargo Public Schools has cancelled all gym rentals until further notice. If it becomes possible and makes sense to resume the season, we will do so, but we understand this is unlikely at this point. That being said, here is an outline of our current plan.

Raffle Tickets

  • We will start collecting raffle tickets on Tuesday, March 17th. Drop off is currently planned to be in the lobby of the Perficient Tower (2000 44th St S, Fargo). You can drop off tickets Noon-1pm or at 4:30-6:00pm on Tuesday. More dates will be made available if needed.
  • We currently plan to hold the drawing on April 5th, as intended. This may be done remotely and winners will be notified.

Tournaments and Practice

  • If we can reschedule tournaments, we will do so, but it is too early to know if this will be possible. The Board has set a “cut-off” date of May 17th as the last date we would play in a tournament, but there are many factors to consider here.
  • Spring Splash is scheduled for April 4th and 5th. We have not cancelled it at this time, but we acknowledge that there is a high-likelihood of this happening. The Board will make this decision on March 29th, unless circumstances arise that force it to be made sooner.
  • May Mayhem is too far off to address at this time and with the current information we have.
  • We will continue to follow the lead set by NDHSAA and Fargo Public Schools. The leaders of these organizations have direct lines of communication with public health officials. Thus, we as the Board have decided to follow their lead when it comes to decisions about practice and resuming play. We will continue to review this.

Fees, Fundraising, and Buyouts

  • We do intend to issue refunds, as it appears there will be a significant portion of the season that is lost. We will factor in the fees paid so far and fundraising that has been completed or bought out. From there, we will determine the percentage of your season that was completed in order to determine your refund amount. We will not be able to make this exact determination until we officially cancel or finish the season. We anticipate this happening in late April.
  • There is a payment scheduled for March 31st for some people. We are currently working with SportsEngine to cancel this payment.


  • If we are unable to resume the season, we will waive any remaining volunteer commitments or buyouts owed. We thank those who already completed their volunteering requirement or paid a buyout for your support of the club.


We will be discussing this plan at our Board Meeting tonight (March 16th) at 6:00pm. Because of the current public health crisis, we are encouraging parents to join us VIRTUALLY by using this information:

As always, if you have questions, you are welcome to email me at

Thank you,

Anna Miller, Board President