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Lead Parent & Team Parent Representative Announcements!

By Kimi Lee, 01/09/23, 1:15AM CST


Happy New Year RRIV! 

I'd like to announce the Lead Parent Rep and Team Parent Reps!

Lead Parent Rep/Parent Rep for 13 Regional Blue - LISA MITCHELL  

Team Parent Reps:

12s White        Maureen Bartelt 

12s Regional   Crystal Matthaei 

13s White        Candy Herzog

13s Silver        David Farmen

13s Regional   Lisa Mitchell

14s White        Megan Berg

14s Regional   Naomi Burkland

14s Select       Sascha Cariveau

15s White        Laree Schell

15s Regional   Marjie Broden

16s White        Melissa Spielman

16s Regional   Katy Johnson

18s White        Nancy Soyring