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Sports Engine Account Help Page Created

By Carey Christopher, 12/17/18, 4:00PM CST


Sports Engine Account Help

Some of our families have reported issues with their SportsEngine account and app. Since SportsEngine is used by thousands of organizations, we do not have access to manage your account, but can provide some guidelines.

Some parents and players are reporting that they show up as "Fan" of their team when logging into the app. This is because the email address you are logging in with is not connected to the rostered player's account. To solve this, you need to add a guardian.

  1. Log in to an account that does have full access to the team's info, such as the Group Chat function.
  2. From there go to your account and the select the player.
  3. Click to Guardians and Add Guardian.
  4. Enter the email address you want to be able to access with, which should send a confirmation email.
  5. Follow the email instructions.

Additional info has been posted on the website to help with this.