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Volunteer Requirements

There are many opportunities to get involved and support your player.  Each family will be required to volunteer a defined number of hours for each player or opt to pay a buyout fee. At registration, you will designate if you prefer to volunteer or buyout. If you opt to volunteer, but do not complete the hours required, you will be invoiced at the end of the season.

Any  member of your family can complete the volunteer hours, and all volunteer assignments will be managed through the Dibs section of the website. When signing up for a Dibs, be sure you register under the person who will be fulfilling the assignment so we have correct contact information AND select the ATHLETE for who the Dibs should be credited.

There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season, but the most immediate needs are: 

Board Member:

  • Attend monthly meetings to assist with general management and governing for the club

Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee Members

  • Organize the Individual Fundraisers
  • Solicit sponsorships and coordinate sponsorship fulfillment

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these capacities, please contact the club.

Season Volunteer Hours Volunteer Buyout
National N/A N/A
Select 1 Tournament 250
Regional 1 Tournament 250
Winter Travel 1 Tournament 250
Spring Travel 1 Tournament 250
Local 1 Tournament 250

*If volunteer requirements have not been completed/signed up for by May 1st you will be invoiced the buyout or remaining balance. This must be paid by next tournament or you player will not be able to participate 

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